Mai Shiranui in: Betrayed!

Mean Girls

               “Which is why you should never walk around campus without a friend – especially at night.  You never know what sort of person might be lurking in the shadows.”

               It was a late Friday afternoon at St. Jude’s Boarding School for Exceptional Girls.  Momiji Hayabusa was halfway through her weekly lecture on campus safety when suddenly, her golden bracelet started to blink.

               The distress call, she thought.  Somebody must be in trouble!

               “I’m afraid that’s all the time we have for today, students” Ms. Hayabusa said hurriedly, packing the rest of her teaching supplies in a black book bag.  “Have a nice weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday.”

               Bewildered, the students at St. Jude’s watched as their normally strict and straight-laced teacher threw her book bag over her shoulder and exited into the hall.  Some began to celebrate.  Others stared at one another is disbelief.  But none of them knew the truth.

               By day, Momiji Hayabusa was a mild-mannered Social Studies teacher at St. Jude’s, an exclusive all-girl boarding school in a secluded suburb.  By night, however, Momiji became something more – the leader of Fighter Force, a top-secret organization of masked superheroines dedicated to protecting innocent lives around Liberty City.

               And now one of them must be in danger, Ms. Hayabusa thought excitedly as she pushed her way down the hall, adrenaline surging through her veins.  At last she found what she was looking for – an empty classroom at the end of the Chemistry wing. 

               After peeking through the window, Momiji slipped inside and locked the door.  Heart racing, she opened her book bag, about to strip out of her velvet red skirt and into her skintight leotard when something strange caught her eye.

               A single sentence had been written across the chalkboard, again and again until it reached the bottom: Ms. Hayabusa has been a very naughty girl.

               What the –

               “Well, well, well,” said a sneering voice behind her.  “You’re a little late, Miss Hayabusa.  I was wondering if you’d even show up.”

               Momiji knew that voice only too well.  It belonged to eighteen-year-old Arianne Grandfold, daughter of the billionaire entrepreneur Steve Grandfold, and the most popular girl at St. Jude’s Boarding School.  She was also its biggest troublemaker – Momiji had already sent Arianne to detention thirteen times this month for violating the school’s dress code, smoking outside of class, and Googling answers on her Social Studies test.

               “Ms. Grandfold,” Momiji said, using her strictest tone.  “What are you doing outside of class, young lady?  If Principal Skrill hears about this – “

               “Oh, but I am in class,” Arianne said with mock sincerity.  “Mr. Roberts taught us the neatest little trick in Chemistry and we’ve just been dying to try out it on somebody.”

               “Listen, Arianne.  You’d better get to class this instant before I – “  Momiji stopped short.  “Wait, do you mean we?

               A sardonic giggling behind her confirmed Momiji’s suspicions.  She shouldn’t have been surprised; Arianne rarely went anywhere without her two BFFFs/bodyguards – Mila Koonich and Kymberli Jayne, both troublemakers in their own right.

               Momiji firmed her jaw, about to turn around and sentence all three of them to detention when all of a sudden, her arms were wrenched behind her back and damp rag was forced over her lips.

               Mmmmmmppppphhh! she cried.  Momiji recognized the sickly sweet smell in an instant.  Chloroform!

               “Oh, I’d save your breath if I were you,” Arianne said, playfully sauntering over towards the helpless teacher.  “Mr. Roberts said that chloroform can incapacitate a subject in seconds.”

               Momiji had encountered the debilitating drug before – more times than she’d like to admit, during her career as a superheroine.  Never once had she managed to escape.  And what happened afterwards… well, there were so many supervillains out there dying to have the voluptuous heroine at their mercy, forced to perform whatever degrading, humiliating acts they could think of.

               Not again.  Not now!

Momiji kicked and thrashed, pushing her heels into the floor to gain some sort of leverage.  But with Mila and Kimberli holding her back, the task was hopeless.  Already, the room began to spin.  A cloying sweetness began to overwhelm her, pulling Momiji into a fuzzy darkness.

               Mmpphh…  Her eyelids fluttered.

               “Oh my,” Arianne said, her voice distant, echoing through Momiji’s mind.  “You’re not passing out already, are you?  Well, too bad.  I’m not finished with you yet.”

               The rag was removed just as Momiji’s eyes were about to roll into the back of her head.  She took in deep breaths of air, desperately trying to regain whatever consciousness she had left.

               “Please,” she murmured.  “Don’t…  do this… you… you’re a… good girl.”

               Arianne’s laugh was harsh and cruel.  “Oh please.  Don’t give me all that holier-than-thou crap.  I’ve heard it all before, remember?”

               Momiji was so weak, she could only moan weakly as Arianne raised her chin with a single finger, forcing the teacher to look into Arianne’s bright blue eyes. 

“You go around this school, telling us all about the importance of virginity and purity and saving yourself until marriage,” Arianne said.  She lowered her voice to a whisper.  “But deep down, I bet you want it just as bad as the rest of us.  That’s why you wear those skintight skirts, isn’t it?  Hoping that one day, one of your students will grab you from behind, bend you over a desk, and treat you like the dirty slut you really are.”

“No… you’re wrong…” Momiji muttered.

It was true.  Momiji would never engage in sexual acts with her students – it was a barrier she refused to cross, both professionally and personally.  Still, there were times… in class, when she noticed one of students bend over too far to pick up a pencil, or outside, when the wind might blow their skirts a little too far, and she might wonder…  In fact, just thinking about it made her body tingle with arousal, even in these dire circumstances.

“Not very convincing, Ms. Hayabusa,” Arianne said with a devilish smile.  “I think the girls and I need to conduct another test.”

Before Momiji could protest any further, Mila and Kimberli forced her across the room, into a swiveling leather chair.  Mila wrenched the teacher’s arms behind the back of the chair, while Kimberli pulled her stocking-clad legs wide, hiking her skimpy skirt up well past her belly button.

“Oh wow,” Arianne said breathlessly, examining the lacy black lingerie Momiji had on underneath.  Even their dark color could not hide the damp stain seeping into her semi-transparent panties.  “That’s definitely against the dress code.”

“It’s different…” Momiji moaned weakly.  “I’m an adult.  I can – “

Arianne clucked disapprovingly.  “Now, now, you know the rules, Ms. Hayabusa.  And naughty girls who violate the dress code deserve to be punished.”

It happened in a flash.  Arianne plunged her hand between Momiji’s moist panties and unprotected womanhood, eliciting a moan of pleasure from the imperiled teacher.

“No, stop…” Momiji breathed.  Her nipples were as hard as diamonds.

“You want me to stop?” Arianne said playfully.  “Then why are you so wet?”

“I… I can’t,” Momiji said.  “It’s… wrong, Arianne.  I won’t do… mmmmrrrffff!!

Kimberli cupped a hand around her mouth before she could offer any further protest.

“That’s more like it,” Arianne said, beginning to rub her fingers back and forth.  “This is what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it?  To be dominated by your own students?  Forced to cum against your will…”

Momiji’s mind spiraled into erotic oblivion.  Her entire body felt like it was on fire – every caress, every touch, every flick of Arianne’s hand seemed to send electric bolts of arousal through her veins.  She couldn’t hold out much longer.  She was exhausted.  Weak.  Helpless.

Slowly, Momiji gave into the forbidden temptation of her student’s advances.

“Nnnnnhhh…. Mmmmmmhhhh… oooohhhhh….  MMMMMMNNNHHHHH!!!”

Momiji climaxed fast and hard, her entire body bucking and quivering against the chair as her womanly fluids came seeping out of her panties, the evidence of her degradation forming a dark stain upon the leather seat.

“Wow, that was fast,” Arianne remarked.  “You really don’t get any at home, do you?”

Momiji could only offer a few weak moans as she spiraled upon the brink of consciousness, the orgasm annihilating whatever willpower she had left.

“Well, I’m not finished yet,” Arianne said, looking over her shoulder.  “Mila!” she barked.  “Check little miss slut’s bag… I’ll bet she’s got a dildo in there!”

Oh no… my bag… my uniform…

A single thought cut through Momiji’s mind.  Her uniform.

If Arianne and her friends found it, her career as a superheroine would be ruined.

Again, she thrashed against the chair, screaming at the top of her lungs.  But her cries of protest were nothing more than muffled moans, as Kimberli keep a hand firmly over her mouth.  Momiji rocked back and forth, trying to tip the chair over, but the chair would hardly budge.

It was no use.  Momiji could only watch as Mila picked up her black book bag and unzipped the top, peeking inside…

“Oh, is somebody ready for seconds?” Arianne asked, forcing her against Momiji’s already violated womanhood.

Momiji tried to focus on escaping – a distraction, a way to stop Mila from revealing her greatest secret – but her own body betrayed her.  The moment Arianne plunged her fingers back inside her, a second orgasm was already starting to build up, one more powerful and mind-numbing than the one before.  Her legs buckled, begging for sweet release once again.

No… I can’t let this happen.  I… need to focus…

But the more Momiji tried to ignore the prying fingers, the sensual caresses, the sudden jolts of erotic pleasure, the faster her body tensed in anticipation.  Somehow, even the thought of watching Mila sift through her bag, about to discover what was inside – and being so helpless to prevent it – made her orgasm that much quicker.

  You… you can’t…

“Holy shit,” Mila muttered, reaching deep inside the book bag.  “Is this a mask?”

Momiji came like she never had before.  Just like that, her position as a teacher, as a superheroine – as a self-respecting woman, had all been destroyed in a matter of seconds.  But three teenage girls.

But what really pushed her over the edge, what made her whole body shake and tremble in a mind-numbing climax, was a sudden realization:

I deserved this.  I… got what I deserved.  

Mila turned around, holding Momiji’s mask up high for her friend to see.  “Girls, you are not going believe this!”